French perfume High-end customization

Supple & Luxurious
fragrance for a pleasant time

Flowers dedicated to hair

Floral Perfume Shampoo Series feature a blend of floral and fruity, clean and refreshing.
In order to effectively solves the problems of dandruff, dryness, dullness, etc., refining natural ingredients, such as root, stem, leaves, flower and fruit to make your hair fragrant, smooth,
soften and refreshed.

Flower bath from Paris

La Taste floral perfume shower gel pursues fragrance,
not only fragrance. La Taste Floral Fragrance Shower Gel has been worked by a team of experts in Paris,
preserving the natural floral and fruit aromas while digging
deep into botanical extracts, to solove the problems of roughness and tightness of the skin and to make your skin tender and fragrant.