la taste Histoire de la marque

A fashion cosmetics brand born on the left bank of France

In the natural beauty of the left bank and the beauty of art, it integrates the romantic artistic mood of the left bank with the fragrant and beautiful flowers and fruits of nature, so that nature, art and technology can be reborn. From the moment of its birth, the Ritaste brand is full of the elegant and fashionable feelings of the left bank, and it is also destined for her extraordinary fashion brand road.

Brand Story

Let the beauty and elegance emanate naturally

Both young perfumers and the veteran perfumer team at the Marie Pratt Institute have adhered to the manual blending skills of La Taste, which have been passed down over half a century. Under the guidance of Mr. Anatole, the head of the brand, the R&D team deeply studied the physical characteristics of oriental people and concocted elegant notes that reflect the unique charm of orientals for La Taste.The raw plant extracts used are screened multiple times, combining with multi-extraction process, to add into the daily-use products for refreshing and elegant.

Brand Concept

Embrace romance

When the dress has faded
When beauty is old
When romance is gone
Only the fragrance retains the beauty
Only breathing is always with you
La Taste floral perfume shampoo and bathing series
Romantic moments


In 1964 Lataste Green, a young girl full of hope for a better future, opened her first spice shop on the left bank of the Seine in Paris. Lataste provided customized perfumes for the Paris fashion industry. With the hand-crafted ingenuity, the store became a popular choice for local high-end fashionistas.